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This Is The Real Reason You Should Never Drive On A Low Tank Of Gas

If you want to know how much further you can travel in your car, you naturally rely on your car's gauge. But watch out, it can be deceiving.

Who hasn’t been the victim of being out of petrol when you’re sure you could have gone further in your car? You always trust your petrol tank, until it finally betrays you.

Never trust your gauge

In fact, although cars nowadays are equipped with high-tech technology and indicators, how the petrol gauge works is actually still quite basic. A bit like a floater in a tank, it actually measures the approximate level of petrol in your tank and not the real measurements.

If your car is on a slope or a hill, the gauge can show a completely wrong measurement that can lead you to run right out of fuel. But that’s not all! Furthermore, driving on a low tank can also cause problems for your engine and lots of damage to the car.

By running on an empty tank, the pumps and nozzles can be put under severe pressure. And that’s why, when your tank is less than a quarter full, it would be best to get to a service station as quick as you can to fill up.

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By Stacey Williams
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