Candy Crush Saga: Level 181 Tips And Tricks

You aren’t the only one to get stuck on level 181 of Candy Crush Saga, this is a special level. So here is a step by step video guide which we hope will help you beat this puzzle.

Candy Crush Saga: Level 181 Tips And Tricks
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Much like we saw with level 65, having to destroy isolated jellies is no walk in the park. Here you will be faced with another batch of isolated candies, but this time instead of Jelly you have to bring Cherries guarded by blockers to the bottom of the board. This level is something special as you are forced to focus on two things in particular: freeing up the centre of the board which is filled with blockers

To achieve this, the creator of the video suggests a two-step approach.

First of all you need to clear all of the blockers to have a better chance of matching a significant amount of candies. Then you need to really think about which possible combos will destroy the isolated blockers in the Cherries path. Good Luck!

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