Candy Crush Saga: Level 1179 Tips And Tricks

Find the best tricks and solutions to complete level 1179 of Candy Crush Saga!

Candy Crush Saga: Level 1179 Tips And Tricks
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Your objective:bring 4 Cherries to the bottom of the board and reach 40,000 points in 40 moves or less.

Tricks and Tips:

1) You can instantly beat this level if you combine one Colour Bomb with another Colour Bomb. In theory, you can beat this level in only 2 moves.

2) Seeing as it is difficult to create Colour Bombs, you will need to use Vertical Striped Candies as your principal means of passing this level. A Striped Candy and Wrapped Candy combo is particularly effective.

3) Try to make yourself an arsenal of Striped Candies in order to lead a large attack making a hole through the Liquorice allowing you get to the fruit.

4) When possible blow up a Vertical Striped Candy in a way that will give you another Striped Candy in its place.

5) Remember that Striped Candies in the same direction must be placed at least two squares apart to remain effective. If not the detonation will only have the effect of a single Striped Candy.

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