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Tyson Fury Shows Off An Incredible Weight Loss Transformation

Tyson Fury has been on a tear showing off his newly trim body! He also may have accidentally fat shamed Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain. Check the video to see the new and improved Fury, as well as his blunder live on television.

During his hiatus from the boxing world, Tyson Fury may have put on a few pounds. The Gypsy King himself, who fights in the heavyweight division at a lean 17 stone, has been back in the gym ramping up his training to prepare for his comeback in the ring. The results speak for themselves!

The secret behind his weightloss

When asked how he managed to shed so much weight and get himself into such good shape, The Furious One cites three keys to success: cut out carbs, plenty of black coffee, and hard work in the gym.

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Just recently, he visited Good Morning Britain to have a chat about his journey getting back into fighting shape. When on the show, he had a bit of a slip-up when talking with Susanna Reid, suggesting she adopt his regime to lose a few, before quickly correcting himself and saying that it's "not like she needs to".

Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua

While the meeting of the two titans of the ring will not be in the immediate future, we will see a return to the ring by Fury next month on June 9 against a yet unnamed opponent. Fingers crossed we get to see some classic Fury. 

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