This Is What Happens When Anthony Joshua Fought Eddie Hall

When two of the strongest men on the planet collide...

For all the boxing organizations of the globe, this poster would be the ultimate Freak Show, a kind of Holy Grail. Anthony Joshua, quadruple World Heavyweight Champion in Boxing, versus Eddie Hall, voted the strongest man in the world in 2017. On paper, a fight between the two men could easily shake up the ranking of the highest PPV sales.

Only these two forces of nature are also two of the nicest men in Britain. Therefore, they decided to challenge each other calmly, with good vibes all around. While their daily life requires phenomenal showdowns, they decided to deviate from this routine to challenge each other in more relaxing areas.

From racquetball to Connect 4 and rock-paper-scissors, here's the amazing duel between Anthony Joshua and Eddie Hall. But we wish to see a fight someday, especially knowing that the strongman has recently started boxing...

Check out the video above to see the showdown for yourself!

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