Mayweather Responds To Youtube Troll Who's Been Calling Him Out... In The Ring!

Meet Charlie Zelenoff: one of the most notorious trolls in the boxing world. We don’t know if he actually thinks he is a talented boxer, or if he is just trying to get more views on the Internet to earn money, but one thing is for sure, his videos are getting some serious attention.

For those of you who still don’t know Charlie Zelenoff, he is a boxing enthusiast that decided to challenge people to fights over the Internet and broadcast these fights on his YouTube channel. In real life, Zelenoff has professional experience in underground boxing. All talk and no fight.

He lost his only real fight against Andrew Hartley when he was disqualified. After receiving blows from his opponent, Charlie decided to leave the ring and accuse his opponent of cheating. This is clearly a guy living in a fantasy land.

Absolutely delusional

In his mind and on the Internet, Charlie Zelenoff is one of the best boxers of all time, even a legend. He has more than 200 wins without being defeated, a collector of belts and victories. The only problem, instead of staying in his little fantasy world, Zelenoff (very) often steps up and tries to test his skills against anyone.

Because of this, there are two possible scenarios. With one of his friends behind the camera, he offers training sessions to people that he has randomly challenged to a friendly fight. The thing is, Zelenoff doesn’t give his opponents time to warm up and rushes to perform his biggest hits. A tactic that is as dishonest as it is mediocre. Sometimes he just angers his opponents and they decide to stop the fight. Charlie takes this as a victory that he then adds to his fictional list of wins.

However, Zelenoff doesn’t settle for gym members or anonymous boxers, but tries to prove himself against professional boxers. Obviously, this is when we most like to see Charlie. To convince them to take him on, Charlie plays with their skills as boxers or even turns to insulting them or their relatives to provoke them. Tired of the racist insults and the comments towards his daughter, who suffers from a medical condition with her legs, Deontay Wilder agreed to fight the youtuber. Against Deontay Wilder, Bronze medalist at the Olympic Games in Beijing, Zelenoff had the courage (if you can call it that) to fight him for a few seconds before hitting the floor. Panic-stricken, he left the gym in the middle of the fight.

A lesson in respect

Despite receiving some powerful blows, Charlie hasn’t learnt his lesson and keeps provoking other professional boxers on YouTube.

The latest victim in Charlie’s little show was Floyd Mayweather’s dad. It isn’t clear how Zelenoff managed to convince Mayweather Sr. to get in the ring with him, but you only have to see the blows that were exchanged in the video to imagine that Mayweather definitely had more than enough reason to get straight back in the ring.

At one point during the fight, Zelenoff raised his arms up as if he was the winner, but Mayweather’s dad had not finished. Things quickly took a turn when Zelenoff left the ring between the ropes after being beaten up by Mayweather Sr. When Money’s dad leaves, Zelenoff returned to the ring and hit Mayweather Sr. from behind; an attack that really angered a regular gym-goer who then decided to enter the ring himself, and finish Zelenoff off with his bare hands.

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