Logan Paul frustrates Floyd Mayweather and goes the distance

In a highly anticipated boxing match, YouTuber Logan Paul was largely dominated by Floyd Mayweather. But he managed to go the distance, frustrating the boxing legend.

It was the main question of the fight: would Floyd Mayweather manage to knock Logan Paul out before the gong rang? With no judge and no winner declared due to the absurd rules in place, a knockout was the only way for both men to end the exhibition and win. But no one was able to do that in a fight that was somewhat of a damp squib on Sunday 6 June.

A frustrated Mayweather, Logan Paul holding on

After the general brawl that broke out during the pre-fight press conference, some expected a real war in the ring. But it didn't really happen. Under the eyes of many celebrities such as Evander Holyfield or the rapper Fat Joe, Logan Paul entered the fight with a bang, giving everything in the first round against a very observant Floyd Mayweather as usual. At the end of the round, the YouTuber threw a series of quick punches, none of which passed Money's guard.

An outburst of energy that Logan Paul paid for afterwards. Exhausted during the following rounds, the influencer suddenly faced a Floyd Mayweather who gradually started to move. Still displaying sublime technique, the boxing legend repeatedly hit his opponent to the body and face. But he was unable to send him to the mat.

A symbolic win for Logan Paul

In the final rounds, Floyd Mayweather appeared frustrated at being unable to end the fight with a KO. Although tired, Logan Paul caught Money out on numerous occasions, preventing him from really setting up his rythm and throwing out punches. The YouTuber managed to keep his range and go the distance in the fight. And it is quite the feat for the man who started boxing 2 years ago, and then shared the ring with one of the best boxers in history without being knocked out.

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