Boxer Sam Maxwell Demonstrates a Giving Himself a Black Eye

Sam Maxwell recently demonstrated a pretty good uppercut to his fans. The downside is he also accidentally gave himself a pretty gnarly black eye, but that goes to show the pure power of his punch.

Sam Maxwell is a European lightweight champion and he's been using his recent downtime to train even harder than ever, and just like all celebrities, he live-streamed his routine on social media.

The boxing routine started off like any other with Maxwellthrowing punches at the bag. But, when he went to deal an uppercut he accidentally got himself right in the eye.

By the force of his own punch, the lightweight champion brought himself to his knees and told his brother to cut the stream.

Later, Maxwell took to social media to flaunt his bruises while his brother pokes fun saying: "It's looking bad, you know." He's not wrong, it was a pretty good one!

The boxer surely saw the humour in the situation, posting the clip of his mishap on Twitter with the caption joking "My Instagram Live workouts are cancelled until further notice."

Maxwell's clip hasalready gone viraland whether or not the whole internet is laughing at him, at least it's good publicity.

However, much to everyone's dismay, the 32-year-old admitted the whole thing was a setup and he and his brother have just been messing around. In an interview with Robbie Davies Jr, the boxer jokingly stated: "come on now... surely you've seen my friends... I've been boxing for 20 years, I'm not gonna throw and uppercut on mistake, I'm not gonna punch myself in the face"

Even better, the boxer turned comedian debunked the video in his Twitter post in the 'fight against fake news'.

Watch the video above to see the fake blunder for yourself!

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