Boxer Cheyenne Hanson reveals images of her completely mangled face

Boxer Cheyenne Hanson became champion this weekend, but sustained impressive facial injuries. The 23-year-old posted photos on her social media.

The dangers of full contact martial arts

It is not just in MMA that the punches dealt can be dangerous. UFC fighters often turn out completely disfigured after their time in the Octagon, but they are far from being the only ones. In all combat sports, there is a significant risk of injury to someone who comes up against a trained opponent. This is particularly the case with boxing, where the majority of strikes are aimed to the head. One can, for example, remember the terrifying knockout suffered by Miguel Berchelt against Oscar Valdez: the Mexican remained limp on the ground for long, excruciating seconds.

Cheyenne Hanson disfigured

Pitted against Alina Zaitseva for the German league title this weekend, Cheyenne Hanson suffered a fate similar to that of Joanna Jedrzejczyk against Zhang Weili at UFC 248. After a head-to-head shock between the two boxers, the referee decided to stop the fight. Hanson was then declared the winner after a quick deliberation. A victory that the young woman won't be able to forget. Indeed, after the fight and the multiple blows she received, she turned out completely disfigured when she was bestowed her victory belt.

She shared the images of her injury on social media

In the ring, the bruise on the boxer's orbital ridge was already well swollen and of an impressive size. Hanson was brought to the hospital after her victory to do some exams. More fear than harm, as ultimately all was well! The injuries, while striking, are only superficial. Once back home, the boxer then grabbed her cell phone to share with her subscribers the apparent damage to her face. Enough to make you be hesitant about taking up combat sports!

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