Boxer breaks jaw in half and shares injury on video

Boxing is a sport where mistakes are paid for in blood and cash. Australian man Benjamin Hussain learned this the hard way.

The misfortunes of Benjamin Hussain

It was only last month that Benjamin Hussain, a young Australian boxer, entered the ring to face his compatriot Ben Mahoney. The fight was planned as 8 rounds of three minutes, in the super welterweight category. For his third professional fight, Benjamin Hussain, who had won 8 of his 9 amateur fights, would be stopped after the sixth round due to injury.

As he was headed towards a loss by unanimous decision, Benjamin Hussain was stopped by the match's referee during the sixth round. Indeed, the Australian, mouth bleeding, quite simply broke his jaw in two in the middle of a fight. A relatively impressive injury, which required the doctors having to take the athlete in custody as soon as possible..

Not really traumatized

After the match's unfortunate ending, Benjamin Hussain chose to share this injury with Internet users by filming himself on his hospital bed. A video that reminds all fans about how boxing is a risky sport, where you don't play around, otherwise you pay a heavy price. However, as this 70-year-old boxer returning 36 years after his last fight proves to us, it is difficult to resist the siren song of your passion.

The Australian will neither be the first nor the last to fracture his jaw in a fight. There is no doubt that this mishap will hardly prevent him from slipping his gloves back on as soon as he is fully back on his feet, in order to further his young professional career.

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