Horrifying Footage Shows Doctors Removing FOUR BEES From Woman's Eye

A young woman from Taiwan, aged 29, had to rush to hospital to treat her very swollen eye. After speaking with the doctors, she learned that something horrific was lurking behind her eye which could have turned her blind. Check out the video to see the gruesome footage...

Whilst she had been suffering from immense pain in her left eye, the young woman could never have predicted what was hiding under her eyelid.

“My eye could not stop watering”

A young woman was digging up some weeds which surrounded the grave of a loved one when a gust of wind suddenly caused a sharp pain in her eye. At first, she thought some dust had gone in her eye, but it soon became very painful and began to swell, according to reports by the news channel, CNN. “It was really painful. My eye could not stop watering. I was absolutely terrified”, the young woman stated.

On her prompt arrival at a hospital in Taiwan, doctors examined the eye under a microscope, and they discovered that something had been feasting on the inside of her eyelid. “I saw something that looked like insect legs, so I carefully removed them, one by one, without hurting them”, said Hung Chi-ting, head of the ophthalmology department in the Fooyin University hospital, Taiwan.

They were living off her tears!

These tiny creatures are attracted to human sweat. In the case of this Taiwanese lady, they fed themselves off the salt and the moisture of her tears. It’s safe to say that the woman had a lucky escape! If she had kept rubbing her eyes, she would have lost her sight.

Whilst it sounds impossible that four bees could be in someone's eye, this story is totally true - watch the video above to see for yourself!

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