Cremation: What's really in the urn of our deceased?

What's really in an urn? While most people would probably answer directly with the ashes of human remains, a look at the cremation process yields a surprising end result.

Many push the thought ofdeath away, while others think very carefully about how they want to be buried. Today, many consider cremation, but few know what exactly is in the urn.

What are cremation ashes really all about?

Dr Karan Rajan triumphs on TikTok with his short informative clips about the human body. He uncovers different myths. For example, why it is better for a man to urinate sitting down?

The British doctor, who works for the National Health Service, recently explained on his TikTok channel what cremation ashes consist of. Hardly anyone thinks about exactly what actually happens during cremation.

In giving his explanation, he clearly starts with a statement: The human body does not burn like wood and does not leave ashes like wood. What remains of a human being after the cremation is bones.

Finely crushed bone fragments

Human ashes are considered to be an inert material whose composition is mainly that which comes from bones, i.e. calcium phosphate.

Therefore, the bone fragments are finely pulverised in an ash mill. Dr. Karan Rajan compares it to a high-powered blender that leaves something like ashes. It is then poured into the urn.


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The video went viral in a very short time with almost 700,000 clicks and 64,000 likes.

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