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Young Woman Receives A Disturbing Surprise After Returning Home From South America

Don’t watch this video if you’re about to have your dinner! After doing ecological work in central South America, this girl returned to the UK feeling a little under the weather. Take a look at the video above to see the nasty surprise she came back with...

The young British woman had returned to the UK with a strange feeling in her arm. Whilst out in the central regions of South America, she received several bites up and down her left and right arms. Evidently causing quite a lot of distress and alarm, she enlisted the help of a doctor who came to her house to investigate the strange bite marks.

On the face of it, the bite marks seemed like any other tropical bite mark. But when the doctor examined one of the bites a little closer, he saw a little creature wriggling about. It was then that he knew he had to perform an extraction.

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Using tweezers and whilst applying pressure to the bite, the doctor began working on the first one. After some time, he successfully managed to pull the insect that was causing all this pain, out of her arm. The insect in question that was causing her so much trouble was the larvae of a botfly. Shocked by the size of it, he began working on the other bites.

In total there were 7 botfly larvae wriggling around in the poor girl’s body, all of which were extracted. The sheer pain must have been awful!

Check out the video above to see the footage for yourself...

By Erin Doe
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