This Woman Gets Off 50 Times A Day As A Result Of An Unheard-Of Condition

This Woman Gets Off 50 Times A Day As A Result Of An Unheard-Of Condition

At just 24 years old, Amanda Gryce suffers from a rare medical condition that has been ruining her life since she was 6. It's a rare pelvic condition that forces her to constantly fight against her body. It's so serious in fact, that her new relationship with her boyfriend. 

Orgasms are normally a moment of true pleasure, but that’s not the case for this young woman. She suffers from Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome, a very rare disease that causes recurring orgasms throughout the day.

Up to 10 orgasms an hour

It can happen anytime and anywhere” says Amanda Gryce. “I can have 50 orgasms in one day and five or ten within an hour of each other. Even just getting into a car or hearing a certain sound can trigger an orgasm”. It is a feeling of excitement that causes temporary relief, despite the absence of desire or sexual stimulation.

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This is obviously a difficult life to live, especially when the involuntary orgasms can be triggered at any time, without being able to do anything. “It happens when I’m with my friends. It actually kills me… I just have to put on my biggest smile and make like it’s nothing” explains Amanda, whose been living with her illness since she was six years old. Having met her boyfriend Stuart a short time ago, doctors have told her not to have sex, to give them time to find a treatment.

"Taking control over the disorder rather than it controlling me"

But the future may be looking brighter for this young woman. Recently, she met with a doctor that specialises in pelvic pain, who prescribed a treatment and told her to do meditation and relaxation exercises. “I found there are things which can reduce the intensity of the orgasms – even though they are still constant. I take medication to numb the areas and do exercises to try to [take my mind off it]. Taking control over the disorder rather than it controlling me is a dream come true” says Amanda enthusiastically, as she hopes to finally live a normal life.  

• Oliver Davis
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