Ears: Did you know your ears can do this strange thing?

No two humans are the same. Some possess bodily functions that others don't. This new trick on Reddit can tell whether you have this ability or not.

Superpowers don't just exist in the DC or Marvel universes. They can be found in real life as well. The internet has yet again brought together a group of certain individuals who possess this superpower. It is amazing the way a human body can manipulate its own muscles in order to increase or decrease the ability of our senses.

What is this superpower?

It all started when a Twitter user tweeted information about a hidden skill that surprised many. He explains in his tweet that there is a certain muscle in our ear that can be manipulated to block unwanted sounds.

The organ in question is the tensor tympani muscle, which is located inside the middle ear. As per the experiences of some people, contracting this muscle produces a rumbling noise. The person can control the loudness of the rumble which can also drown out the surrounding noise under the loudness of the rumble. So in the end the person would only hear the rumble and nothing else.

A Twitter user describes:

For me, it's like when there's a big thunderstorm and the thunder just rolls across the sky forever with only tiny flashes of lightning that don't leave the clouds…

There’s even a community on Reddit called the ‘Ear Rumblers Assemble’ dedicated solely to the people who have experienced this phenomenon. We must say it is quite handy when we want to block out unwanted chatter from our surroundings.

This article is translated from Gentside FR.

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