Don't like the sound of your own voice? There's a reason why

Have you ever been startled by your voice in a video or recording? Many people hate to hear their own voice, and that's perfectly normal.

People are always very surprised the first time they hear the sound of their own voice in a video or recording. It may be normal not to like one's own voice and that is for psychological and physiological reasons.

Your voice is different

Hearing your voice for the first time can be a disappointing experience. Often people think they have a different voice from the one heard on recordings or videos. So when you discover it, you are surprised and you ask yourself one question: 'Do I really sound like that?' Very quickly, you may start to develop a complex about your voice, and few people end up saying they like their voice.

So, is it weird to not like your voice? According to CNN, it is perfectly normal not to like or even recognise your voice. Neel Bhatt, an assistant professor of otolaryngology, addressed the issue in an article published on The Conversation US. He often records his patients' voices when they speak in order to treat them. He noticed that many patients cannot stand their voices.


A perception of reality

Many are uncomfortable when they hear their voices and some even refuse to listen to the recording and thus their developments.

Neel Bhatt then realised that the sound of a recording and the sound you hear when you speak are transmitted differently to the brain. When you hear your voice from a recording, the sound travels through the air to your ears. This is called 'airborne transmission,' explains the specialist.

The voice you have when you speak is a sound that is transmitted through the bones of the skull. So it's all internal, which explains why your voice feels deeper than it actually is.

For this reason, people generally perceive their voice as deeper when they speak.

Finally, if you don't like your voice in a recording, it's because there's a certain discrepancy with reality, the shock of a realisation.

You suddenly realise that other people have been hearing something else all along. All this time you thought you had a different voice and the reality can surprise you...
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