You Can Now Drink Beer In A Floating Jacuzzi On The Thames

Do you want to visit London in an unusal way? Now there are floating Jacuzzis that you can use to discover the city! On the Thames or the canals, let us explain how it works.

Want to visit London in style this summer? Why not take a 'Hot Tug'? Billed as London's 'most unique experience', this brand new attraction will send you and your mates off in a floating hot tub down the Thames or one of London's canals to really see the city in comfort.

In water warmed to 37 degrees, you can take in all the sights while relaxing with your friends. And the cherry on the cake: you can even bring your own drinks, including alcohol. Beer, rosé, prosecco… that’s for you to decide!

The Hot Tugs are currently available in two locations - Angel/Old Street and Canary Wharf. The cost comes to £225 to rent the floating jacuzzi, and you can take up to 7 people in with you, which means it only comes to around £32 a head. It’s definitely worth it and the perfect idea for a stag do, birthday party or just because!

You Can Now Get A Degree… In Drinking Beer! You Can Now Get A Degree… In Drinking Beer!