This 103-Year-Old Woman Has A Surprising Health Secret

To live a long and healthy life should mean not smoking, not drinking, not eating too much fat, sugar, salt... ... The list is long. We can follow these guidelines to the letter, change some of our bad habits or not care at all. This is the choice this particular grandma has decided to make. At 103 years old and in top form, Mildred Bowers drinks her daily beer and believes medicine is a lie.

Still going strong at 103 years old, this grandmother has her own little secret: her genes! Every afternoon, with the consent of her doctor, she usually drinks a beer in the retirement home where she lives. This centennial grandmother says she's in good health, both physically and mentally. 

She even recommends this to all seniors - to treat themselves to this little pleasure. For her, the important thing is to drink what she loves, in moderation of course. One thing is certain, this routine seems to be beneficial to her. Beer: the secret to longevity?

Sophie West
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