Kellogg's Has Decided To Recycle Its Cereal Into Beer In The UK!

Kellogg's will now be turning its cereals into beer! The purpose of the project is to reduce the waste of food in the UK.

The beer industry reinvents itself every day. The latest innovation comes from the Kellogg's cereal brand, how? Let’s explain:

In the UK, the company has decided to recycle its cereals into beer! ‘Kellogg's is working hard to stop the waste of food in its production and to still give its consumers the product they love the most, with the minimal impact on the environment’, says Kate Prince, Kellogg’s director of social responsibility.

To do so, Kellogg's will use its ‘not good for sale’ cereal, either too big, too small or damaged, and partner up with Seven Bro7hers Brewery out of Manchester to offer three different beers to their consumers.

Not only that, but a part of the profit will be donated to the FareShare association, which fights against hunger and malnutrition in the UK.

With each beer sold, 10 pence will go directly donated to FareShare. Cheers!

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