Beer Is About To Get A Lot More Expensive - Thanks To Global Warming

Will beer become a luxury product? This is what a recent study that looked at the price of barley, the main ingredient in beer, has suggested . Due to global warming, barley production will decline, leading to a decrease in consumption and an increase in the price of the world's most popular drink.

The ice melts, the sea levels and temperatures rise - global warming has many consequences for our planet. These events are likely to worsen if major measures are not taken to slow it down. If this perspective is still struggling to convince some of the most important decision-makers when it comes to fighting climate change, a more unexpected consequence could make them think twice.

With global warming, the price of beer will also increase significantly in a near future. At least that's what a recent study published in Nature Plants says.

Less barley = less beer

The team of scientists looked at the price of barley. This cereal is an essential ingredient in beer. However, it appears that repeated heat waves and drought, caused by global warming, have serious consequences for barley fields.

‘Depending on the severity of the weather, the average production loss should be between 3% and 17%,’ the researchers predict, meaning a decline in production and a decline in consumption. That represents 16%, which is actually the equivalent of the annual consumption in the United States, AKA 29 billion liters.

As it is often said ‘what is rare is expensive’. We must also expect an increase in the price of the drink. According to scientists, the price of beer could be doubled in the following years. ‘A drastic drop in beer consumption is to be expected, (for example -32% in Argentina) as well as an increase in the price of beer (for example, + 193% in Ireland),’

The effects will be particularly felt in China, which is the world's largest consumer of beer. The country could see its consumption drop by 10%, more than 12 billion cans.

You Can Now Get A Degree… In Drinking Beer! You Can Now Get A Degree… In Drinking Beer!