A Mother Killed Her Daughter After Giving Her Heroin To Get Her To Sleep

In October 2018, 33-year-old Kimberly Nelligan of Maine, United States, killed her daughter by giving her drugs to get her to sleep. The baby girl died after her mother rubbed a combination of heroin and a powerful painkiller on her gums.

A Mother Killed Her Daughter After Giving Her Heroin To Get Her To Sleep
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Kimberly Nelligan had a one-year-old daughter named Jordy, the youngest of several children. Although she wouldn't admit it at first, the mother had been taking drugs once a week since she gave birth to her daughter.

Little Jordy, who was in her mother's care, was regularly given drugs as a sleep aid. In doing so, the mother eventually killed her baby. Kimberly herself called the police and firefighters in her city, Bangor, for help.

When the emergency team got to the house, the little girl was already dead. (Kimberly accused her daughter's caretaker, 20-year-old Skylar Richardson, who wasn't guilty of the murder but did bury the baby.)

At first, Kimberly pleaded not guilty and denied using any drugs, but the girl's father confessed that he had seen the mother rub drugs on the baby's gums. In fact, an autopsy revealed that her mother had drugged her.

In the end, the mother confessed that she was doing drugs and giving them to her daughter. Kimberly wrote: "Kills me, I would do anything to have my baby back."

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