7 art exhibitions you won't want to miss out on this summer in the UK

We have compiled a list of exhibitions to see in the United Kingdom during the summer. The perfect outing to keep your warm days occupied.

7 art exhibitions you won't want to miss out on this summer in the UK
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7 art exhibitions you won't want to miss out on this summer in the UK

With people being advised to travel abroad only for 'exceptional circumstances,' vacations in mainland UK are the new norm. Bummed out by the news? You don't have to be!

We’ve listed the main exhibitions happening this summer that we’d love to see. From installation art, design or landmark explorations, check out our suggestions!

Installations in Wakehurst as part of Summer of Sounds (9 July-12 September)

Starting on the 4 July, visitors of Wakehurst Place will be able to explore various art installations scattered across the gardens. Nestled in the heart of Sussex, you will be able to have a breath of fresh air in addition to this cultural outing.

Adrian Sassoon collection at Parham House (until the 31 August)

UK’s leading dealer in contemporary art and antique French porcelain showcases elements of his collection in the historic house of Parham in West Sussex. As art fairs have been cancelled, Adrian Sassoon supports creatives by bringing one hundred contemporary artworks into the space for the likes of its visitors.

Van Gogh Alive at Kensington Gardens (until the 26 September)

Van Gogh Alive is a travelling exhibition that has already seduced many art lovers. The multi-sensory experience allows people to travel through the exhibit space and gaze up at digital reproductions of Van Gogh’s famous paintings. You won’t just be gazing at the masterpieces but will also be living them. We recommend this experience for families as well!

Alice: Curioser and Curioser at the V&A (until the 31 December)

As the name of the exhibition suggests, the focus is Alice in Wonderland. The artworks put forth explore the multiple explorations and understandings of Lewis Carrol’s novel. Expect photos from Tim Walker, paintings by Salvador Dali, illustrations to the first edition of the book, and much more!

The Art of Banksy at 50 Earlham Street (until 21 November)

It’s only fair that english artist Banksy gets to showcase his works in his home country. The exhibition gathers a selection of pieces on loan from private collections. You can visit the exhibit from Monday to Sunday with late openings until 9pm from Thursday to Saturday, so don’t miss out on the hype.

David Hockney: The Arrival of Spring, Normandy, 2020 at the Royal Academy of the Arts (until the 26 September)

During the first lockdown, David Hockney retreated to his house in Normandy. One of Britain's most prominent 20th century artist captured the spring bloom of nature by painting the subject on his iPad. He then printed the artworks and the results are on view at the Royal Academy of the Arts in London.

Night Fever: Designing Club Culture at V&A Dundee (until January 2022)

This innovative exhibition takes you to Dundee, in Eastern Scotland. The V&A explores the relationship between club culture and design from the 1960’s to today. It uncovers the ways in which design has been shaped by the strive for discovery and freedom prone to nightclubs. Party lovers, this is your go-to exhibition of the summer!