There's Now An Australian Version Of Saturday Night Takeaway And We're Not Sure How We Feel

An Australian version of Saturday Night Takeaway has just launched Down Under, but without Ant and Dec at the helm, it seems the new show is struggling.

Whilst here in the UK we've got to wait until 2020 for a new series of Saturday Night Takeaway, folks Down Under have just been treated to their first ever edition of the show - as Sunday Night Takeaway, based on the British original, has just launched.

The Aussie version of the show is very similar to our beloved Saturday night programme, with many of the same elements. The biggest difference - and it's a pretty crucial one - is that it isn't presented by Ant and Dec. Instead, it's hosted by Julia Morris and Dr. Chris Brown, who both also present the Australian version of I'm A Celeb.

Whilst it got good reviews from fans on social media, the ratings for the first episode weren't great so it remains to be seen if Takeaway Down Under will survive.

It's not the first time Saturday Night Takeaway has been launched in another country as there have also been French, German, Portuguese, Finnish, Chinese and American versions of the show - though none of them have been very successful. It's not really surprising - Saturday Night Takeaway is all about Ant and Dec, we just can't imagine it being the same with anyone else.

Take a look at the video above to see the trailer for the Australian version of Saturday Night Takeaway - and see if you can spot the moment they've recycled footage from the UK show, as Ant appears for a split second!

Ant and Dec reveal big Saturday Night Takeaway changes Ant and Dec reveal big Saturday Night Takeaway changes