Woman narrowly avoids being attacked by a bison after playing dead

One woman narrowly escaped a bison attack after she tripped in the field while being chased by the beast.

Unsurprisingly, our innate curiosity and natural drive to disturb wildlife often result in said wildlife doing everything they can to chase us off or turn us into a feast.

However, one woman managed a lucky escape after her and a friend got a little too close to a bison.

Tripped and almost ravaged

The incident occurred Nez Perce Creek at Yellowstone National Park in Montana where a man and a woman were recorded running from a bison as it charged at them through the field.

In the video, just as the man was getting away the woman fell flat on the ground because obviously this is a movie and if you don't fall is anyone really chasing you?

Luckily for the lady, she seemed to know just what to do and pretended to play dead. The beast stopped right next to her and inspected the woman -in what could only be a rather terrifying experience- before it was shooed away.

A Montana local who knew what to do

One eyewitness sent the footage to a news company, claiming that the woman 'is a Montana local so she knew to play dead in that situation' and added that she got away without a single scratch.

Despite the woman's knowledge of bison attacks, she must have missed the lesson that tells you not to go near the beasts in the first place as the 900kg animals are known to be rather aggressive. Not to mention the hefty creatures can actually reach a whopping speed of 60kmph.

This isn't the first time a Yellowstone visitor has had a rough encounter with a bison. Back in 2015, the park had to start issuing pamphlets on the dangers of the creatures after five people were mauled by the animals in the space of three months. A Yellowstone spokesperson Amy Bartlett said at the time:

I just don't think people realise how fast bison move. They're big animals, but they move quickly. And so when a bison becomes agitated, it doesn't take him long to cover that short distance. A ranger can't be at every bison all the time, so people need to keep that common sense.

Check out the video above to watch the woman's narrow escape!

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