Woman films moment when humongous crocodile leaps at her

Was this crocodile camera-shy or just incredibly hungry? We'll never really know...

Australia is known for its feisty beasts, namely its gargantuan crocodiles. Coming face to face with one of these underwater monsters could be a death sentence that unfortunately some people have not escaped.

Crocodile attack

This woman, however, is lucky to be in one piece after a hungry crocodile attempted to make a meal out of her. It all happened when she noticed something lurking beneath the waters and immediately realised that it was a humongous crocodile. It was just inches away from the boat and had its eyes completely fixed on the passengers aboard.

Fascinated by the creature, the woman started filming the croc when it decided to leap out of the water. We can only imagine that it attempted to take a bite out of the woman, but it failed to get a hold of her. In the video, she screams and takes a few steps away from the edge of the boat before she stops filming altogether.


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Northern Territory crocodiles

Although we have no idea what kind of crocodile attempted to make a meal out of the woman, the Northern Territory is notorious for housing these wild and ferocious animals. In fact, it is home to more than 100,000 saltwater crocodiles so the chances that that’s what attacked the woman is actually really high.

According to the Northern Territory’s government website, the saltwater crocodile is the ‘largest living reptile species which can grow up to 6 metres. The animal is considered to be a ‘serious threat to humans.’ They added:

The size of the saltwater crocodile prey is only limited by the crocodile's own size and strength.

Very little is known about how many crocodile attacks have been recorded in Australia, but according to Brigit, who runs a travel blog called Outback Australia: Travel Guide, there are around two attacks that are fatal every year. She writes:

Saltwater crocodile attacks DO happen in Australia on a regular basis. (Most attacks are on pets and livestock, but unfortunately there also regular accidents involving humans, and about two per year are fatal.)
28-year-old British woman in a coma after suffering crocodile attack 28-year-old British woman in a coma after suffering crocodile attack