When A Diver Came Across A Huge Great White Shark in South Africa

It was a rather strange encounter for this particular diver with nerves of steel when he came across one of the most dangerous animals on the planet: a great white shark.

Eugeène van Wyngaardt apparently has a very strong stomach. When he was out deep-sea diving near the Thunderbolt reef in Port Elizabeth in South Africa, he found himself face to face with a huge great white shark measuring five meters in length.

In order, the keep the animal away, who had already seemed to have spotted its next potential meal, Eugène van Wyngaardt carefully managed to get rid of the terrifying fish and save his skin. Once back on the boat, Eugène van Wyngaardt gave a cry of joy and relief, sure of the fact that he had just avoided the worst.

Great whites, huge predators of the sea

Great white sharks are one of the largest predatory fish that inhabit our oceans nowadays and they can generally be found in warmer waters such as the Pacific Ocean, especially just off the coast of Hawaii, Japan, the Philippines, New Caledonia and New Zealand. Although they are not as common, these large predators have also previously been sighted in the Mediterranean Sea as well as off the coast of Alaska.

Capable of detecting a drop of blood in more than 4.6 million litres of water and hearing a prey from 1km away, this fish with four to six rows of 44 and 52 razor-sharp teeth has a jaw measuring 90cm wide, which over the years, has done nothing but fascinate experts and enthusiasts.

Tourists Scream As Enormous Great White Shark Attacks Diving Cage In South Africa Tourists Scream As Enormous Great White Shark Attacks Diving Cage In South Africa