What would happen if you fell into a pool full of piranhas?

A Youtuber took on a challenge very few of us would dare to even think of trying. He took a dip in a pool full of piranhas and recorded the experience!

We've all seen at least one movie where people get dismembered by a group of piranhas in an exotic river. Needless to say, it's terrifying!

Hanging out with piranhas

Piranhas are at the top of the list of animals humans fear the most due to their characteristics and what we think they can do to us. However, how accurate is that depiction of them?

Youtuber and adventurer River Monster posted a 2-minute video on his channel. In it, he 'hangs out' with a big group of piranhas in a pool. The video has, of course, gone viral on social media platforms!

The man first drops a piece of meat in the pool, and you can the terrifying fish swim towards it. Shortly after, the YouTuber strips down and gets inside the pool filled with red-bellied piranhas, one of the most dangerous types of fish. And can you guess what happened to him?


Nothing, as it turns out! As you can see in the video at the top of this article, the man came out unscathed Not even a scratch from the piranhas! According to Depor.com, most piranhas don't pose a threat to humans.

Although we have always considered them carnivorous because they're attracted by the smell of blood, they're actually omnivorous, meaning they feed on both animals and plants.

Furthermore, event hough they are carnivorous, piranhas usually feed on dead, decomposed animals and sometimes eat very small fish or worms.

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