Watch As Four Cats Team Up Against a Deadly Snake on the Streets of India

One actor from India took to Instagram to share a shocking video of four cats trying to fight a venomous snake. It’s safe to say that these cats are very brave!

Neil Nitin Mukesh, an Indian actor, snapped a video of four cats surrounding a poisonous snake. The crazy cats were trying to fight the slithering reptile!

The actor was on the set of his latest film Bypass Road when he filmed the fascinating video of the four cats in combat with the snake. Several onlookers were spotted filming the weird battle as well.

Numerous people took to Instagram to comment on the video, which is captioned, “Earlier in the day. Went for the BGM with @naman.n.mukesh for #BypassRoad , got down of the car and saw this.”

One follower wrote, 'Cats never get their due recognition. In this partisan world, dogs get the laurels. Cats are always the underdogs😿😻.' They are right! Cats definitely deserve some respect after this video.

Another follower was seemingly disgusted that none of the onlookers killed the snake.

They said, 'The people around should have stoned and killed the snake before it bit some unfortunate soul, especially given the fact that cobra anti-venom is quite rare in the hospitals.'

Some others agreed with the above comment. One Instagram user wrote,

'Cobra is a poisonous snake. What were you all thinking when you filmed this? You had to get cats away, ‘cos snake could have bitten them. Don't you care about anyone? Or life cats for you less valuable?'

What do you think? Should the people watching have attempted to kill the snake? Or would you have filmed the battle like everyone else? You can decide for yourself after watching our video.

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