Violent Encounter Between Two Bears Captured On the Russian-Chinese Border

On the border between Russia and China, two brown bears were caught on film in a violent encounter.

This footage is pretty impressive. Two bears were recently caught on film in an epic battle near the Russian-Chinese border. The video begins with them staring at each other for a few seconds next to the fence before violently throwing themselves at each other.

This barbed fence marks the border between Russia and China. Due to the fact that there are tigers in this area, photo traps have been installed to monitor them. But this time, instead of catching the felines in action, they caught these two bears on camera who actually caused quite a lot of damage to both the camera and the fence marking the border.

Where did the bears come from?

An employee from the ‘Amur tiger’ centre explained to Russian news source, RIA Novosti:

Tigers in this place are quiet, as they say, without making noise and dust. Then bears came and everything just broke! According to our assumptions, one bear came from China, the second from Russia.

You can find the footage of their encounter in the video above.

The return of the tiger

On the Instagram account for the ‘Amur tiger’ centre, you can find lots of videos of felines taken by camera traps such as this one. Since 2013, the centre has been fighting to protect these big cats and preserve their habitat and over recent years, tiger numbers have been rising in Russia. For example, around 20 Siberian tigers have been identified this year after they were reported missing and disappeared back in the 2000s.

Two cyclists attacked by a wild bear in the middle of the road in Russia Two cyclists attacked by a wild bear in the middle of the road in Russia