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Video Captured By Tourists Prove How Terrifying Starving Piranhas Are

When they came across a stream in Brazil infested with piranhas, these travellers didn’t hesitate to throw scraps of meat to test just how hungry these little monsters were. And the result is rather spectacular.

Ah Brazil… Such a rich a culture, sublime countrysides, colourful cities, luxurious forests and unlimited things to discover. This country is a destination that multiple people dream of visiting. But it is also full of little monsters that we really wouldn’t love to come across, even from far away. We’ll let you judge for yourselves.

Ravenous pets:

If you’re thinking of going to Brazil soon, this video might make you think twice before you go bathing in just any stream. In this impressive footage, we can see tourists throwing large pieces of meat into the infested stream. And just like their reputation dictates, these animals react to the slightest drop of blood.

An immediate reaction:

The scraps of meat had barely touched the water when these fish with sharp teeth attacked it. They even looked sort of possessed! It really doesn’t make us want to dip our toe in there.

We can also remember a piranha attack in Argentina that led to 70 victims which is proof that you shouldn’t joke around when it comes to these very dangerous animals. Don’t forget that if Brazil is where you’re next going on holiday.

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