Two gorillas captured in an incredible fight at the zoo

A clash between two forces of nature.

This ferocious yet incredible fight between two gorillas in a zoo will give you a new appreciation for these powerful creatures
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This rare scene took place at the Nebraska Zoo, in the United States. At the beginning of the video, two gorillas can be seen peacefully walking around their enclosure in the zoo.

Thanks to several panes of glass, zoo visitors can observe these two incredible animals, which suddenly, for no apparent reason, start running towards each other.

This fifteen-second confrontation was filmed in its entirety by one of the zoo's visitors. The two then exchange punches in a bout that could compete with some of the best heavyweight fights of all time.

After both gorillas have rained blows down on each other, the two separate, without seeming to have suffered any serious injuries.

The violence of the animal world captured in one short clip, which can be seen just above!