This Woman Was Left Terrified When She Discovered A TWO-HEADED Snake In Her Garden

This is truly the stuff of nightmares...

Finding a snake in the back garden is pretty scary whatever kind of snake it is... so imagine how freaked out Stephanie Myers was when she found a two-headed venomous viper in her garden in Virginia, USA.

Stephanie said: 'I wanted to look away butcouldn’t stop looking at it.’ She filmed the viper and uploaded the video to a local animal control Facebook group asking for help. Experts soon arrived to pick up the unusual snake.

An extremely rare phenomenon Live Science

Two-headed snakes are aseriously rare phenomenon and according to snake expert J.D. Kleopfer, snakes like this one wouldn't often survive because the two heads 'want to do different things'.

Check out the video above to see this incredibly rare snake in action!

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