This Terrifying Deep Sea Creature Has A Powerful Secret Weapon

In the category of terrifying fish there is one that holds the prime spot. Its name? Neoclinus blanchardi.

When it comes to inventing scary creatures, nature is often more original than science fiction. Neoclinus blanchardi is such a creature, endowed with a wide terrifying mouth worthy of an alien from the greatest sci-fi movies, this fish lives in the pacific coast of the United States.

At first glance, N. blanchardi seems rather nice. This long brown fish, with practically no scales, seems to have a broad smile when its mouth is closed. It spends most of its time hidden in shells or crevices where it takes up residence.

An unexpected weapon

One cannot however trust its innocent appearance. When N. blanchardi hunts or defends itself, it turns into a terrifying beast. Buried under sand or hidden in a crevice, it does not hesitate in attacking anything that approaches it too close, including divers! It unfolds an immense coloured mouth, wider than its body, and bristling with sharp teeth.

Residing in waters off the coast of North America it prefers a subtropical climate. N. blanchardi is infamous for its bad temperament. Fiercely territorial, it deploys its jaw repeatedly token intruders away. If anything gets too close it attacks no matter how large the threat is. It is better to observe it from a distance.

Check out the video above to see more of this fearsome deep-sea beast...

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