This Teacher's Virtual Story Time Was Ruined By These Frisky Horses

One thoughtful nursery teacher was shocked as her story time video was sabotaged by some rather randy horses.

Eloise Roberts is one of the many teachers that have had to resort to online videos to educate their students.

Eloise has used her downtime to make creative and attention-grabbing videos for her young students. The thoughtful teacher even had the brilliant idea to film a storytime segment about a unicorn in front of horses from the riding school next door owned by her partner Steph Smith.

Steph filed Eloise reading a book entitled Pop-Up Peekaboo! Unicorn, a story surrounding two curious and playful unicorns. And, just like the unicorns, these horses were also rather playful.

Eloise was blissfully reading away, unaware of what was about to happen behind her... until she turned around. The 32-year-old teacher was greeted with an eyeful of horseplay as one of the horses decided that the atmosphere was perfect for a bit of x-rated love.

Eloise stated: "I was trying to do a little video for the kids, something different instead of being sat inside on the sofa, but the horses had other ideas.

She claimed that the horses must have been bored of her: "The whole time they'd been out in the field they hadn't been doing that then as soon as I started reading they started. They must have been bored of my story."

"I could see Steph laughing and I could hear that the horses were up to something behind me."

"I didn't want to stop reading to look but as I did I burst out laughing too. We tried to film it a second time but they just kept doing it. It was hilarious."

The teacher also stated that they tried to film two more times and each time was unsuccessful but she had uploaded the video to her Facebook and people went wild for it.

"Obviously I couldn't share it on the nursery page because it's not so appropriate for the kids but I decided to post it on my own Facebook and people have loved it."

"Everyone thinks it's hilarious and my friends have been messaging me to tell me they just keep watching it. Everyone needs a laugh at the moment."

Watch the video above to see the hilarious incident!

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