This snake is so huge it had to be lifted by a crane

The huge snake was 8.43 metres long, with a girth of 1.11 metres.

Shockingly incredible footage shows what is thought to be the world’s biggest snake, being lifted off the ground by a digger. The gigantic beast was found by workers clearing part of the Dominica rainforest.

‘My mother, what?’

In the footage, the snake is alive, but it is unclear where it was being taken to or what happened to it later. One astonished man can be heard in the video saying:

My mother, what?

Another video shared on social media shows a man trying to pull out the snake, which had been crammed in a cage, into the boot of a car.

A number of people later join in to assist in lifting the reptile into the back of the car. The videos have been viewed millions of times after being shared on social media.

Not much is known about the snake in terms of its species.

The Nature Island

The Caribbean island of Dominica is nicknamed ‘Nature Island’ for the sheer variety of wildlife it boasts of. One of the world’s deadliest snakes native to the island is the boa constrictor, which can grow as long as 13ft.

The world’s largest snakes belong to boa and python families, with the longest snake being a reticulated python, measuring 10 metres (32ft). This was found in 1912.

Reticulated pythons are usually found in rainforests around Southeast Asia. Compared to the heaviest snakes in the world - Green anacondas - reticulated pythons tend to be slender in girth.

The heaviest anaconda ever recorded was 227 kilograms (35 stone).

These Huge Snake Videos Have Been Taking the Internet By Storm These Huge Snake Videos Have Been Taking the Internet By Storm