This Shark Gave Guests a Fright After Breaking the Glass in a Hotel Lobby

A shark living in a hotel lobby clearly couldn’t stand being kept in captivity any longer and swam into the glass window with such force that it broke the glass, and the shark ended up landing right in the middle of the guests!

This Shark Gave Guests a Fright After Breaking the Glass in a Hotel Lobby
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A dogfish had been living in an aquarium in a hotel for months. This particular species normally lives in cool, shallow waters and can grow up to 1.60 metres long.

The glass window broke right in the middle of the hotel lobby

According to hotel administration, however, the glass panel couldn’t withstand the shark’s abrupt movements and once the glass broke, it was moved to a bathtub to keep it alive before it could be transported to a more permanent location. Thanks to its small size, it was only just big enough for the shark to survive.

It has been suggested that the aquarium was too small and narrow for the dogfish or that it was just disorientated by its new environment. What is clear, however, is that the pane of glass should have been thicker in order to withstand the shark bumping into it.

Heading straight for the glass panel: this dogfish was finally transferred to a bigger aquarium Getty Images

The dogfish started frantically swimming about in all directions. After a while, it managed to break the glass and landed on the floor, right in the middle of hotel guests. Fortunately, nobody was injured.

A bigger home

In order to save this predator, specialists were called in to take it to a safer place, namely, a special tank in the Odessa Dolphinarium. The story was later picked up and shared on Facebook and by the local press.

We constantly hear about spectacular incidents involving sharks, especially in the wild. These divers boldly filmed themselves swimming alongside great white sharks, but not every shark bites quite like this one did when it saw a diver in a diving cage. Although people tend to fear the worst, most of the time, the shark is more confused than hungry when it suddenly finds itself between bars.