This Piglet Born with Two Heads and Three Eyes Is Going Viral on Social Media

In the Philippines, a pig was born with two heads and three eyes.

Not too long ago, a news story that left social media users shook went viral. Suffice to say, this unusual piglet's birth, at least temporarily, distracted the Internet from the COVID-19 crisis.

This viral video was recorded in the Philippines and has travelled around the world. In the video, we can see a mammal born with a very rare and shocking birth defect. Meet the piglet with two heads and three eyes.

'Co-Pig' was adopted despite his birth defect

The video was posted on Facebook by the Thai family who decided to adopt and take care of it. The little pig has been dubbed 'Co-Pig,' as it was born in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

'Co-Pig' was born on a farm in Nong Bua Lamphu, northeast of Thailand. A farmer noticed that one of his newborn pigs had a birth defect. Seeing that the animal had a lot of difficulty eating, he decided to take it home to give it more specialised care. The farmer was so excited to bring the pig home because he believed he would bring his family good luck. Rather, it was the family that brought good luck to the pig who was very well taken care of for the four days that he lived. Unfortunately, the piglet was too weak because of its birth defects and passed away shortly after being born.

Nevertheless, the farmer's heart was in the right place and his kindness made Internet users' heart melt.

You can check out the unusual piglet in the video above.

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