This Naughty Dog Went Viral After Stealing His Owner's 'Personal Toy' (VIDEO)

This dog became quite the hit online after his owner shared some footage of him with his new favourite 'chew toy'.

This Naughty Dog Went Viral After Stealing His Owner's 'Personal Toy' (VIDEO)
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For a dog, just about anything can be a chew toy. Anything kicking around will somehow find its way into a dogs mouth, chewed to pieces and covered in drool. However, sometimes our precious valuables end up in our pup's mouth.

For Abigail Hughes, she learned this the hard way after her dog Teddy ended up making his way through her belongings - specifically, her box of toys she keeps for special time with her fiancé.

Teddy's favourite pink toy

Upon walking into her bedroom, she found a sleeping pup on the bed snoozing away with his new chew toy: her pink dildo. 'Me and my fiancé have a box of sex toys and Teddy must have just wandered along and took it. He's very, very naughty and has to be involved in everything', Abigail said.

When she tried to get her toy back from Teddy, he had already grown quite attached to it. After a hard-fought battle, she reclaimed her prized possession. However, the dildo had been gnawed at a little too much, so Abigail threw it away. Or so she says.

Check out the video above for more on this hilarious story!