This mouse doesn't stand a chance against this 'murder' hornet

The Asian giant hornet is an insect native to regions of Asia known for its ability to incapacitate victims with its deadly venom.

This mouse doesn't stand a chance against this 'murder' hornet
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The Asian giant hornet, a deadly insect native to Asia, has recently been spotted for the first time in the United States for the first time. This has raised alarms for certain scientists in regards to the detrimental effects the species can have on ecosystems in North America if this hornet is able to establish itself in the country.

A vicious predator

The Asian giant hornet is known for the havoc it has caused to colonies of precious honey bees. With a sting that is able to kill a bee, the hornets have been known to invade and eradicate entire colonies of honey bees.

In addition to the environmental damage they are capable of, they have also been known to have a more direct consequence for humans as well. It is estimated that in Japan, around 50 people are killed annually by these deadly hornets. According to Insider, in 2013, a swarm of these insects killed 42 people and injured more than 1,600 in a Chinese province.

The 'murder' hornet

The video above is speculated to show an Asian giant 'murder' hornet attacking and killing a fully grown mouse. The struggle lasts about one minute and shows the mouse in what we can only imagine is agonising pain. Human beings who have been stung by this insect compare it to the feeling of hot metal being injected into the skin.

People should remain vigilant in keeping a lookout for these insects and unfortunately, we should also be ready to eradicate them, as they are an incredibly aggressive and invasive species that will do more harm than good.