This Man Swallowed Alive By A Whale But Miraculously Survived

A video of a South African diver getting swallowed by a whale went viral on Youtube amassing millions of views. The footage paints a harrowing picture but fortunately has a happy ending.

The video was taken off Port Elizabeth, South Africa. As you'll see in the video above, a diver was in the middle of a school of fish when a whale caught him, as he explains in the original video: "I had started filming dolphins, sharks, gannets, penguins and cormorants that were feeding on sardines when, from the depths, a Bryde's whale suddenly appeared, swallowing everything in its path."

In this testimony to AFP, Rainer Schimpf, an environmental advocate, recounted how he experienced this traumatic experience: "I felt some pressure around my waist, I immediately knew what was happening (...) It was only a few seconds before the whale realized its mistake and opened its mouth to spit me out."

They Found Something Horrifying Inside This Whale's Stomach
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They Found Something Horrifying Inside This Whale's Stomach

Indeed, the diver was incredibly lucky and his wife, who witnessed the scene, is perfectly aware of that. Talk about a scene straight from Pinocchio come to life, right?

Check out the video above to see the incredible footage for yourself!

Stacey Williams
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