This Lamb Is So Perfect That It's Become The World's Most Expensive Lamb

Sold for the astronomical sum of £368,000, this Texel lamb broke all records at a recent auction in Scotland.

The previous record that dates back to 2009 for a lamb was £231,000. Wait until you read what made this new one sell for over 1.5 times the previous one.

‘He's got it all’

Although a lambda lamb normally costs around £100, the opening bid for this Texel lamb, however, was set at £10,500 on Thursday 27th August in Lanark, Scotland. Originally from the Netherlands, the Texel breed is actually very popular in the United Kingdom and around 1/3 of all British lambs come from a male of this species.

Particularly remarkable, this 6-month-old lamb called Double Diamond was a big hit at the auction among the breeders. Why? It is considered genetically perfect from a breeding point of view: ‘the hair, the colour, the shape of the head’ all make Double Diamond a truly exceptional lamb.

The lamb was sold on behalf of several farms associated with a breeder named Charlie Boden. Now a star lamb, Double Diamond will travel the world and be put on display at agricultural fairs so people can witness its perfection. Then, it will most likely become a high-standing breeding ram - a sheep is considered a lamb until it is 12 months old.

This is enough reason to justify such an incredibly high price, since this lamb is a very long-term investment for this group of breeders. The seller obviously wasn’t expecting such a hefty sum of course: ‘I knew it was a good one, but I didn’t think it would make that price.’ Nineteen lambs were sold during this auction and, as is tradition, were all sold in guineas.

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