This Jellyfish Could Be The Longest Animal On Earth

The cyanea capillata, known as the "lion's mane jellyfish", is considered the largest jellyfish in the world, but not only that...

Its diameter can reach 2.5 meters and it sometimes has 800 tentacles that can measure up to...40 meters long! It lives in the cold waters of the North Pacific, North Atlantic and Arctic Circle.

The biggest animal in the world?

The largest lion-maned jellyfish ever seen was 37 meters long, bigger than a blue whale! The lion's mane jellyfish is sometimes considered the largest living animal on Earth, but a 55-meter long worm was found beached in Scotland.

However, the worm can stretch several times its length: it's therefore not at all sure that the animal measured was this size when alive.

A living nature reserve.

Tactile contact with this sea creature brings about a burning sensation followed by a whole bunch of other effects...but many animals live among its giant tentacles! So, if you explore them (no, don't actually do this), you'll probably encounter shrimps and many small fish, which don't fear its venom, and which come to seek shelter against the big predators of the open sea.

This jellyfish is a real sanctuary of the seas!

The longest animal was discovered near Australia The longest animal was discovered near Australia