Have You Ever Wondered Who Would Win In A Face Off Between A Shark And A Crocodile ?

In this ultimate battle of the predators, we see a shark struggle to take on a crocodile as they fight over their prey. Check out the video above to see the shocking footage...

While on vacation in Australian, this one holidaymaker was able to capture the moment that two of our greatest predators fought over their prey.

The incident took place as the tourist was on a boat trip which sailed along the Prince Regent River (in the Kimberley area in the west of the country).

After the crew of the boat threw dead fish into the water, a shark and a crocodile fought over the fry in a very violent way, apparently not wanting to share the food.

Despite the severity of the attack, no tourists were harmed following the incident. Take a look at the video above to see exactly what happened!

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