This is the second deadliest snake—can you spot it?

A woman escaped dead without even noticing, when she came face to face with one of the most dangerous snake on Earth.

This story will make you think twice about spending your holidays in Australia.

An unwelcomed surprise

How mortified would you be if you found a snake in your bathroom? That's what happened to one homeowner. She opened her drawer to find a perfectly well-hidden snake in one of her bathroom drawers.

The woman, from Queensland, contacted the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, a snake catcher business believing the animal was a harmless tree snake. Believe it or not, these professionals deal with these kinds of situation all the time! Welcome to Australia!

They advised the woman to keep the bathroom door closed and to wedge a towel underneath to block any potential escape route because the snake was a lot more dangerous than she could imagine.

Small but mighty

What she first thought was a common tree snake was actually a deadly Eastern Brown Snake. Don't be fooled by its size. This tiny snake and is also the second deadliest snake on Earth.

Wowzers!! You would definitely not be expecting this when you open the top drawer in your bathroom. This cheeky little brown snake had found himself a nice little hiding spot. What a surprise! It just goes to show that snakes can basically hide anywhere.

The scariest part of the story is that the snake is so small we can barely see it in the picture, and that the woman almost had a near-death experience. The snake catcher left the woman relieved that the deadly serpent was taken away, but her fears and concerns came back even bigger when she realised that an encounter of this kind could easily happen again.

Only 2% of people can spot the camouflaging snake in this photo Only 2% of people can spot the camouflaging snake in this photo