This Incredibly Strange Footage Shows a Badger Burying an Entire Cow

This remarkable video footage - which shows a single determined badger burying the entire body of a calf - has left scientists reeling. Seeing a badger bury a creature so much larger than itself was until now totally unprecedented.

Badgers live underground, so it's hardly a surprise that they are especially good at digging. However, this video footage, captured in 2016, shows a badger digging and burying an entire calf's carcass.

Badgers had previously been observed burying smaller prey- such as jackrabbits - in this manner. Doing so allows them tostop other scavengers from helping themselves to any of their meal and also keeps the meat fresher for longer - providing the badger with a long-lasting food source.

However, experts were stunned to see this badger burying the dead cow - which was much larger than itself. The calf's carcass had been left in the Utah desert by conservation biologist Evan Buechley, who also set up a video camera nearby to observe scavenger behaviours.

Got ot look after his food source Evan Buechley

The camera ended up capturing this amazing video which shows the badger burying the calf carcass over a period of five days. The American badger first dug tunnels beneath the calf, then covered it over, digging a burrow beside it.

This ingenious technique allowed the badger to dine on the calf's meat for eleven whole days. Buechley said: 'I was really shocked by the fact that these badgers could completely monopolize and dominate that food source.'

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