This giant shark's cause of death is leaving fishermen very worried

An absolutely massive shark has been found near Australia. What could have killed a shark of this size?

It was on the Facebook account of an Australian man, Geoff Brooks, that the awe-inspiring photos first appeared. They show the body of a colossaltiger shark,measuring almost 20 feet. Crazy considering the animal is not known to grow larger than 17 feet.

‘I was told it had been caught a little further away on the weekend,’ Brooks explains in his post. According to him, the shark was caught off Seven Mile Beach.

An act of cannibalism

Another fisherman told The Northern Star:

I was fighting a hammerhead and this enormous shark came up and swallowed it.

However, the circumstances of the giant shark's death remain unexplained, as well as what happened to the shark after it was caught. Some say that the animal must have been sold at the local market, others explain that it was transported to be examined in a research centre.

Neither of these hypotheses has been confirmed, but the research centre told The Telegraph that it had nothing to do with them. So what could it have been?

A chilling question

This isn't the first time Australia has popped up in the news for dead-shark related reasons. However, this time the details surrounding the incident are far more cloudy... Without any further encounters with such behemoths, it is likely that we shall never know the truth. We may be exploring the furthest reaches of our solar system, but the depths of our own planet's oceans remain a mystery.

Shark vs shark: A tiger shark tries to take on a hammerhead Shark vs shark: A tiger shark tries to take on a hammerhead