This Fisherman From Norway Found A Rather Peculiar Object In A Cod's Stomach

Bjørn Frilund a fisherman from Norway, found something rather unexpected in the stomach of a fish he had caught. After feeling a hard lump in the cod's stomach he opened it up to investigate, inside he found two partly-digested herring and a bright orange adult toy.

Bjørn, 64, likes to spend his leisure time fishing on the waters around the town in which he lives, Eidsbygda in Norway. He's been doing this ever since he was a kid. Despite his many years of experience, catching, gutting and cooking his own catches, he has never experienced, or even heard or something quite like this...

"The chances of winning the lottery are probably greater"

According to an interview with The Local, he said :

"I was astonished... It was totally unexpected. I had never seen anything like this before."

Frilund thinks that the fish must have mistaken the vibrator for one of its usual prey, despite the adult toy being drastically bigger than what it usually consumes... Perhaps it was feeling especially hungry.

He had a theory about how the toy may have gotten into the water as well, thinking it may have been tossed off a boat by "a frustrated woman on a cruise" in the Barents Sea.

We sure hope this hobby angler bought a lotto ticket after this unlikely find, it could be a sign that he's in store for some greater strokes of luck, that being said, perhaps we don't want to find a vibrator in something we're looking to eat...

This Fisherman Found Something Quite Unexpected In A Cod’s Mouth This Fisherman Found Something Quite Unexpected In A Cod’s Mouth