This fish with a human face is terrifying the web

A Chinese internet user posted a video on social media in which you can see a fish... with a human face. Both amazing and scary.

This fish with a human face is terrifying the web
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This story takes place in a lake near Kunming, a city in southern China. It is in this body of water that a fish was found resembling... a human being. Yes, you read that right!

After the video was posted on social media, the post was shared tens of thousands of times. As you can see in the video below, this fish has attributes that look like eyes, nose and mouth.

Not an isolated case in China

What kind of fish is it exactly? Is it fake? We don't know anything more about this mysterious marine animal.

But it is not to be ruled out that this is a typical case of anthropomorphism, in other words, our unfortunate tendency to see and attribute even vague human characteristics to everything that moves (animals in particular) or does not move (nature, trees, clouds...).