This Elephant Couldn't Contain Itself On Seeing A Tourist's Backside

This tourist was having an amazing time on her trip... when an elephant's reaction caught her off guard completely. The elephant could not keep its trunk to itself and spanked her several times.

Animals never cease to amaze us. The images clearly show how this tourist's backside provoked a reaction in the elephant.

It's a cute scene (if we don't take into account the animal abuse, of course): some tourists share a bath with elephants. Everything goes smoothly until this elephant decides to let his trunk explore into the the backside of the tourist in front of it.

It's very easy to find humanistic elements within animal behavior, identifying their behaviors with ours. While the elephant ends up spanking the tourist in a way that has certain connotations for humans, the truth is that we don't know what the animal was really thinking.

Was this just pure curiosity? Was it an attempt to get her off his friend? Was it angry and unable to find another way to show it? Did it just want to play?

We'll never know. What do you think?

Source: Sunny via Worldstarhiphop

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