This Alligator Caused Panic When It Slid Onto A Tourist Boat

In Florida, in the United States, tourists went a little too close to an alligator in order to film it. They had a bad surprise...

No need to go to Australia to face wild animals that are quite scary. Florida, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in the United States, already has it all! Especially with regards to alligators, that are very numerous in the region because of the marshes present in this state.

An aggressive animal

Though it may seem calm and relaxed, the alligator is on the contrary very unpredictable and can sometimes get upset all at once, as this man has experienced. And it is not these tourists who will say the contrary!

A boat that was far too close

During a tour of Florida's wetlands, a boat stopped near an alligator to allow the tourists to take a photograph of it. If the animal remained motionless for several long seconds, but ultimately it ended up jumping on the boat on which it was able to climb very easily!

Panicked movement

The problem? The ship was full of tourists and on the video we can see that the person holding the camera and filming this footage is quick to let go of his camera and try to escape from the wild animal. Fortunately, the alligator seems to be at least as frightened as the tourists because he tries to escape the boat. We can hardly imagine the cold sweats for the passengers... But all's well that ends well!

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